About SyngoMRI

We can show for our successful business and rich experience gained over more than a decade.

Since its founding in 2004 as a local Internet Service Provider, SyngoMRI has developed into a company with a diversified business portfolio, from providing the market with a wide range of network, communication and IT equipment to the development and implementation of modern MRI systems as well as PACS software solutions.

We are proud to emphasize that our teams of highly educated and innovative experts actively participate in scientific research and projects in many domains.

The projects we work on are based on the latest radiological achievements and trends in control management and exploitation, detection, supervision and they cover all domains in the field of radiology.

- MRI software development

- MRI systems hardware development

- MRI system import / export

- MRI system refurbishment

- MRI systems spare parts

- MRI tool rental

- MRI system maintenance

- MRI software for hospitals and clinics

- MRI systems on a turnkey basis

- scientific and technological research

- PACS and hospital security, remote connection

- medical equipment digitization, etc.

Our advanced and high-tech solutions are successfully applied in all areas of business: in the medical sector, telecommunications, automotive industry, public sector, state institutions, large corporations, small and medium enterprises of retail chains, as well as in all areas of the IT industry.

Cooperation with renowned world companies, such as: Sumitomo, Coolpack, Messer, EuroHel, Siemens, etc. is also one of the essential factors of our company’s success.

Our activities, which are aimed at both the development of our own systems and the implementation of competent MRI solutions of our partners, have positioned our company as one of the leading system integrators in the region.

The environment in which we work is changing rapidly and drastically. Consumer needs are becoming more complex and diverse, and listening to the needs of our customers is our main priority. This is the reason why we constantly follow trends, innovate, and invest in human resources and the development of new technology.

In order to keep pace with the changing environment and enable customers to succeed, we incorporate quality and features that are resistant to the challenges of the future into our solutions. Every day, every minute, we create intelligent connections and solutions that drive business and productivity.

We are committed to providing the best service and resolving the problem of each of our clients individually. Share your challenges and ideas with us. We will come up with a personalized, practical solution for more productive working and business of your company.

Our mission is to help the community, companies and individuals to create a modern work environment with the comfort and benefits that advanced technology provides, to modernize their hardware, software and services using our integrated innovative solutions.