Delivery Information

Our Shipping Policy
Our Shipment Policy differentiates between two types of shipment.
Large scale medical devices are displayed on the store but the sale is handled by our sales team due too the complexity of the transaction. All other products such as replacement parts, coils, tubes, etc. can bought in the store and contacting sales is purely optional for your convenience. For more details about either category please continue reading below.

Large scale medical devices

Products such as MRIs, CTs and Items of similar size or weight are except from our standard shipping policy. For such products a custom shipment agreement will be part of the individual sales contract. Depending on the destination country delivery options ranges from self pickup in one of our storage facilities to installation on site.
For more information please contact our sales team at:

All other products

All products on our store that can be directly purchased will be shipped via one of the following providers: DHL, UPS, FedEx depending on availability and cheapest price.
If you wish any other kind of shipment or want to pickup your order on site please contact us before you order at:
The typical order will leave our facility within one business day after we registered the payment in our system at which point you'll be provided with a tracking code for your order. The tracking link is send to the email you provided during checkout.